We, Felix and Philipp from Aachen, have participated annually in the WRO since the 5th grade. Accordingly, the WRO was a constant in our school days, which we looked forward to every year. Actually, we wanted to compete in 2020 for the last time before our Abitur in 2021 in the Football Category. Unfortunately, nothing came of it. All the greater was the joy when we realized that this year we have the last opportunity to participate in the WRO. Although we realized that the Football Category, which has always been a lot of fun for us in recent years, is no longer held, the new categories of the WRO seemed just as exciting and interesting to us. Since we are both interested in the topic of future mobility and autonomous driving, we decided to participate in the Future Category and design an autonomous car.

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Philipp Sudmann

  • Mechanical development
  • Administration / Sponsoring
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Felix Bartram

  • Electronic development
  • Software development


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